Business Concepts for the Gym


Instruction hours per week: 3

Duration: 8-12 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 12 Crossfit

Course Author: James Adams BT, Julie Thomson PhD, and Lon Kilgore PhD

Presented by: James Adams BT

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home based activities


All commercial and community fitness practices are, at their root, businesses. As such the fitness practitioner must be familiar with the concepts of modern fitness commerce, must possess the personal and interpersonal skills requisite to any client based operation, and must have a functional knowledge of basic business skills. The overarching objective of this course is to introduce the student to the elements of effective business practice relative to the fitness industry. By the end of the course the student will:

  • Understand the business environment and drivers of commercial fitness operations

  • Identify the personal and professional skills required for working within the fitness industry

  • Understand the elements of customer service and customer satisfaction in a commercial gym


  • Introduction to Commercial Fitness Operations

  • The History of the Fitness Sector

  • The Changing Face of the Industry

  • The Lifecycle of Fitness

  • Personal Professionals Skills in the Fitness Industry

  • Employment within the Fitness Sector

  • Business Operations in the Fitness Industry

  • Customer Care for the Fitness Industry

  • Human Resource Management in the Fitness Industry


This course is assessed through online testing. There are two course tests. Both of these tests account for 50% of the total possible score for the course. Each of the assessments must be passed with a minimum mark of 75% for the course to count towards credit.