Fitness Physiology


Instruction hours per week: 3

Duration: 8-12 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 24 Crossfit, Yoga Alliance

Course Author: Lon Kilgore, PhD

Presented by: Lon Kilgore, PhD

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home based activities


The premise of physiology is study of function (as opposed to anatomy, the study of structure). In respect to exercise and fitness this online course delivers an opportunity for guided study of the physiology of human movement to include how exercise drives adaptation. This course intends to provide the professional fitness trainer with a functional knowledge of the physiology of human body at rest and in motion. The overall objective of this module is to establish a functional understanding of the physiological processes that affect, control, and adapt to exercise. Specifically those outcomes are:

  • An understanding of basic cellular physiology.

  • An understanding of the function and control of the respiratory system and the application of this knowledge to exercise and fitness.

  • An understanding of cardiovascular physiology and its application to fitness adaptation.

  • An understanding of the basics of body fluids and electrolyte physiology and their application in training adaptation.

  • An understanding of basic neurophysiology and its application to movement.

  • An understanding of the physiology of striated and cardiac muscle and how they produce movement.

  • An understanding of the normal physiology of blood and its role in exercise support.

  • An understanding of metabolic physiology in regards to powering movement and supporting adaptation to exercise.

  • An understanding of the significance of temperature control and the physiological mechanisms controlling and regulating body temperature.

  • An understanding of the physiological effects of hormones on fitness adaptation.


  • Physiological Adaptation

  • Genetic Concepts

  • Defining Health, Wellness and Fitness

  • Muscle Contraction

  • Metabolism and Diet: Applied Bioenergetics

  • Bioenergetics

  • Muscular Adaptations to Exercise

  • Cardiopulmonary Function and Adaptation

  • Endocrine Function and Adaptation

  • Kidney Function and Hydration


This module is assessed through online testing. There are three (3) course tests. The questions on each test in are multiple choice for conceptual assessment or fill-in-the-blank for simple identification. There is one (1) short essay question presented with the second test that assesses synthesis of the materials presented into a solution for a common fitness practice problem. Each course test is worth fifty percent (33%) of the possible course weighting (100%). A minimum aggregate mark of 75% is required for the course to count towards credit.