Teaching Strength and Running Skills


Instruction hours per weeek: 3

Duration: 12-16 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 24 Crossfit, 45 CPE Texas Education Agency

Course Author: Lon Kilgore, PhD

Presented by: Lon Kilgore, PhD

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home based activities

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Strength training and running are the two primary activities in which most customers of commercial fitness operations will participate. Over 50,000,000 people in the UK and USA will exercise by running each year and another 50,000,000 will train with weights as a primary exercise modality. This popularity underscores the importance and marketability of possessing teaching and programming skills in strength training and running. They are requisite to all exercise professions. The premise of this course is to acquire or refine a set of skills relative to teaching and programming exercise, that when employed induce the anatomical and physiological adaptations that lead to an improvement in fitness. Specifically at the end of this course the student will have:

  • An understanding the broad effects of specific types of exercise training on the basic elements of fitness; strength, endurance and mobility.

  • A practical knowledge and ability to prepare an individual to participate in exercise training.

  • A knowledge of how basic strength and running exercises are taught to trainees and a demonstrated ability to perform such instruction.

  • A basic ability to program strength training for achieving the goals of strength, hypertrophy, or power.


  • Fitness: What it is

  • Fitness Adaptation: How we become fit

  • Preparing to Exercise

  • Strength

  • Strength Exercises

  • Strength Programming

  • Working with Beginners

  • Working with Intermediates

  • Beyond Intermediates

  • Running Technique

  • Programming of Running


This module is assessed through online testing. There are three (3) course tests comprised of multiple choice items for conceptual assessment or fill-in-the-blank for simple exercise or conceptual identification. There is one (1) essay question on each test that assesses synthesis of the materials presented into a solution for a common fitness practice problem. Each course test is worth twenty percent (20%) of the possible course weighting (100%). There are two (2) submitted video assessments where students film themselves teaching an individual a set of exercise skills. Each of these video assessments are weighted at twenty (20%) percent of the possible course weighting and are evaluated by experts in fitness instruction. This course is assessed on a pass–fail basis and a minimum aggregate mark of 75% is required for the module to count towards credit.