Health Screening for Personal Trainers


Instruction hours per week: 3

Duration: 4-8 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 12 Crossfit

Course Author: Lon Kilgore PhD

Presented by: Lon Kilgore PhD

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home based activities


This course is designed to provide learners with underpinning knowledge and competency to devise and implement health screening strategies within the fitness industry. It introduces the student to the knowledge and skills required to devise and implement a health screening strategy to identify individuals who may or may not participate in exercise without medical advice or supervision. There are two major outcomes of successful completion, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe key factors relating to screening

  • Apply appropriate screening procedures to a specific client.

  • Contributory to these objectives, the student will become familiar with screening protocols commonly used in the fitness industry for identification of contraindications to exercise participation.

  • They will further become acquainted with legal issues surrounding informed consent and data protection.


  • Why health screen?

  • Risks & Contraindications to exercise

  • PARQ

  • Health History Questionnaires

  • Cardiovascular Risk Factor Analysis

  • Lifestyle and Activity Profiles

  • Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection


This course is assessed through online testing. There is one (1) course test comprised of multiple choice items for conceptual assessment, fill-in-the-blank for simple fact recall, matching for recognition of terms and definitions, and a single short (100-200 word) essay to evaluate student ability to synthesize information into a solution for a problem in fitness. A second formal assessment is comprised of a health screening portfolio that is to include: a health screening form, lifestyle/activity evaluation, informed consent form, and a waiver of liability statement. All are to be customized to the student’s desired niche within the fitness industry (personal trainer, yoga instructor, group exercise leader, etc.). Also to be submitted with the portfolio is a video of the student delivering an informed consent to a mock client. Each course assessment is worth fifty percent (50%) of the possible unit weighting (100%). A minimum mark of 75% on both assessments is required for the unit to count towards credit. The first assessment is timed, so there is no time available to look up materials in resources the student might have available. Student identity will be visually confirmed by video at the beginning of each testing session. If a student fails to attain a mark of 70% on any course test, they may retake a variant of the test once during the six (4) week term.