Managing a Fitness Related Event


Instruction hours per week: 3

Duration: 8-12 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 18 Crossfit

Course Author: Lon Kilgore PhD

Presented by: Lon Kilgore PhD

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home/gym based activities


Where do you start when you want to run your first gym event? Not everyone has the luxury of having an experienced staff to help them run a competition, workshop, seminar, or any number of other events that can be hosted in your gym. The overarching objective of this course is to provide background information to establish a basic ability to plan and conduct events contributing to commercial revenue streams, providing promotional exposure, or contributing to public good. Upon successful completion of the Unit the learner will be able to:

  • Explain and demonstrate the skills and procedures involved in the planning and management of a fitness event.

  • Explain the procedures involved in promoting and marketing a fitness event.

  • Plan the promotion and management of a fitness event.

  • Perform an evaluation of pre-event planning and marketing and the operational functions during a fitness event.


  • Basic Concepts in Event Management

  • Role of Events in the Fitness Industry

  • Elements of an Event Plan

  • Event Operations

  • Risk Management

  • Event Ideas


This course is assessed through online assessment. There are one (1) course test comprised of multiple choice items for conceptual assessment, fill-in-the-blank for simple structure identification, and matching for recognition of terms and definitions. The course test is worth 40 percent (40%) of the possible unit weighting (100%). A minimum aggregate mark of 75% on all assessments is required for the unit to count towards credit. The course test is timed, so there is no time available to look up materials in resources the student might have available. Student identity will be visually confirmed by video at the beginning of each testing session. If a student fails to attain a mark of 75% on any course test, they may retake a variant of the test once during the ten (10) week term.

A student compiled professional portfolio containing an event planning document for a gym-based seminar or a 5K fun run that includes a budget for the event, a staffing plan, equipment list, venue description, safety statement, and a promotional plan. Also included in the portfolio is a video recording of the student responding to a set of questions about their planned event. The final element of the portfolio is evidence of the student’s participation in the operation of a fitness related event during the time of enrollment in the unit. The portfolio is worth 60% of the total unit score.

Each assessment must be passed with and a minimum mark of 75% to pass and count towards unit completion.