Software Applications for Personal Trainers


Instruction hours per week: 3

Duration: 12-16 Week Online Course

CEU Credit: 18 Crossfit

Course Author & Presenter: Lon Kilgore PhD

Methods of instruction: Online, lecture, reading, formative activities and home based activities


This online course introduces the student to the knowledge and skills required to recognize use IT systems and software applications and packages effectively and responsibly to create or process a range of outputs. Learning activities will center upon several types of software applications to include search engine, word processing, data analysis, image processing, video, and web authoring applications. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

Operate a range of IT equipment paying due attention to other users

Use a range of software application packages effectively and responsibly

Find information from suitable computer data sources.



Word Processing using Microsoft Word

Portfolio Addition – Press Release Document

Simple Data Processing & Analysis using Microsoft Excel

Portfolio Addition – Profit & Loss Spreadsheet and Client Workout Form

Searching for Data using Google and PubMed

Portfolio Addition – Target Topic Search Results

Image Processing

Portfolio Addition – Mock Advertisement & Profile Photograph

Video Editing using Microsoft Movie Maker

Portfolio Addition – 2-4 Minute Talk

Web Page Creation using Wix

Portfolio Addition – Created free webpage


This unit is assessed through online assessment. There is a single multi-component portfolio (six submitted components) of student work required for assessment of competency. Each of the 6 components is valued at 16.66% of the total unit score weight (100%). A minimum aggregate mark of 70% is required for the unit to count towards credit. If a student fails to attain a mark of 70% on any portion of the portfolio, they may submit a variant of the assessment component once during the twelve (12) week term.